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Diss Fit Club - Club Rules

To help keep the atmosphere and create a respectful environment for all members we politely request that

the following rules be observed


The Club's opening hours, as amended from time to time, are displayed at reception.

Members must ensure they cease use of the Club facilities at least 30 minutes before the Club closes to allow adequate time for showering and dressing.


Admitted on payment in advance of the Guest Fee.

All guests must sign the guest book and the appropriate Physical Activity Readiness

Questionnaire. The Club reserves the right to refuse admission to a guest for reasons of health and safety or if the proposed guest has previously not complied with Club rules.


Club approved footwear and clothing must be worn at all times. Access to the Studio area may be limited in the event of classes or pre-organised sessions.

Details of these will be posted on Club Website


Members must ensure they are aware of the age restrictions (as displayed on Club notice boards, or as instructed by staff) applying to the use of the

Sunbeds and other tanning facilities. Members and Guests should ensure that they familiarise themselves with the Sunbed and tanning information notices

and complete the questionnaire issued by the Club prior to their first session. Safety goggles must be worn whilst Sunbeds are in operation. Members and

guests are requested to clean the Sunbeds before and after use with the fluid provided.


No children are allowed in the changing room of the opposite sex once they have reached the age determined by the Club. Club staff or other users of the

changing rooms at the time may agree to relax this particular restriction in particular circumstances.


For security reasons, Members and Guests are asked to store personal belongings in the lockers provided. All usage of lockers is governed by the

membership terms and conditions. Lockers are provided on a daily basis only, and items left overnight will be removed on the following day and treated as

lost property.


All lost property found on the premises should be handed in to the Club reception. Items whose ownership cannot be identified will be stored by the Club for

six weeks and then donated to local charities. Items which appear valuable may be sold with the proceeds donated to charity.


In the interest of Safety and Hygiene, no crockery or glasses are allowed in the changing rooms, fitness areas,

No pets will be allowed in the Club premises, with the exception of guide dogs. Entry to the Club is only permitted at the Club reception and entrance. Fire exits, which are clearly marked, are there in the interests of safety and members and guests must not interfere with these doors for any reason. In the event of an emergency evacuation, members and guests must immediately make their way in an orderly fashion to the nearest available exit.


If any member shall cause nuisance or annoyance to other members, guests or Club staff, or misuse the Club facilities, or breach any etiquette guidelines, or generally behave inappropriately, the Club reserves the right to refuse admission or suspend or terminate membership. In particular, abusive language, threatening or violent behaviour will not be tolerated. All minors using the Club must be supervised by an accompanying adult at all times. No photography (including the taking of images through a mobile phone or camcorder) is allowed in any area of the Club.


Please refer to any comments or complaints to a member of the Club staff. Written complaints must be addressed to the Club General Manager.


No food or drink, alcoholic or otherwise, or illegal substances may be brought into and consumed within the Club or its grounds.

The Club is a non smoking environment.


Upon joining the Club all new members are required to complete and sign a Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire. The purpose of this is to ensure that

the Club’s staff are fully informed of any physical or medical condition which could affect the members ability or suitability to take part in physical activities.

Only if the Club’s staff are fully and accurately informed, can they assess the member’s health and fitness level and prepare an appropriate exercise

program. The Club strongly recommends that all members seek medical advice before commencing a new exercise programme and The Club


We have no upper age limit as the right kind of exercise at any age is good for you, however we do have a minimum age limit of 14. If you are 14-16 years old then your membership will need to be set and up and paid for by a parent/carer who is liable for the monthly payments. They will also need to counter sign the Physical Exercise Readiness Questionnaire (PARQ) to be able you to use the gym.  An induction onto the gym equipment is recommended to minimise the risk of injury and to maximise your results but is not compulsory.  We do expect all our members to train and behave in such a way as to no offend other users and failure to do this will result in memberships being terminated. 

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