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Members & Guests Covid-19 Regulations
Diss Fit Club has a duty to ensure the safety of all staff, members and guests during these unprecedented times.
To ensure that we carry this out to the best of our ability and full-fill all government rules and guidelines. We have to add some focus on some new enforceable rulings around gym use and visits.
Please take the time to read through these new rules, and please be patient with staff enforcing them. The majority of these rulings are directly from the government and Diss Fit Club cannot operate unless they are upheld.    
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Covid-19 Gym Rules 
  1. Hand sanitizer must be used on entering and leaving the facility - frequent hand washing or sanitizing is encouraged throughout your visit.

  2. Social distancing must be carried out at all times when possible.

  3. Tapping into door entry system is essential, Diss fit club has to be able to provide track and trace details if requested - failure to register on entry will result in membership being cancelled. If you have an issue with the door entry system then contact a member of staff by pressing the buzzer on reception.

  4. No more than 2 static people in reception at anytime - please stand in marked areas.

  5. Please follow oneway system marked out on floor when possible and please respect others at pinch points.

  6. NO sweat towels/towels are permitted in any part of the gym other than the changing rooms.

  7. NO gym bags are allowed in any part of the gym other than the changing rooms.

  8. You are expected to wipe down all gym equipment used, including static resistance machines, cardio equipment and free weights, paying special attention to touch points.

  9. You must put all equipment back and clean down your workstation when you have finished with the equipment.

  10. gym equipment cannot be shared, unless you are from the same household (address records must match our records on file for this to be permitted).

  11. Spotting can only take place with members from your own household (address records must match our records on file for this to be permitted).

  12. You are encouraged to come to the gym ready to workout, in appropriate gym attire, government has requested that changing rooms and showers are kept to an absolute minimum usage and avoided if possible.

  13. Shower facilities will be available Mon-Fri 06.00am - 09.00am and 12.00pm - 14.30pm

  14. Changing rooms will remain open as usual - but we ask you avoid this area when possible.

  15. Diss fit club will be randomly doing temp checks, if you record a temp of 37.5 or above, we will ask you to step outside and wait for 5 mins, we will then re-take your temp, if it is still 37.5 or above you will not be allowed entry into the gym and we will advise you to follow government advise.

  16. We ask that if you have symptoms of Covid-19 that you do not enter and you follow government guidelines - if you are showing signs and you enter the club - you will be asked to leave.

  17. During busy opening periods you may be asked to wait outside to allow the flow of entries into the club enough space to socially distance.

  18. During busy periods and in the unlikely event that the club is running to capacity we will ask members to finish their workout if they have been in attendance for more than 1 hour. (this is very unlikely, but may happen in the first few days of opening)

Please respect our staff - we are all in this together.

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