ARH Fitness (Diss Fit Club)

Terms and Conditions


1 Your membership will begin on the day you join.

2 When paying by Direct Debit, an initial payment will be required to cover the period up to your first DD payment.

3 Memberships are available from 16 years and above.

4 Every member will receive a membership card which must be swiped upon entrance to the gym. Admission may be denied without a valid membership card. When you join, you agree that a picture may be taken for our records, which will appear on our computer screen whenever your membership is swiped. A charge

will be asked for a replacement card.

5 Membership is not transferable and may only be used by the registered person. Any misuse of the membership card may result in the membership being cancelled.

6 A monthly membership fee is required to be paid monthly, the amount will be determined by your chosen membership category and is subject to contract. All monthly memberships incur financing fees associated within the monthly cost of membership.

6a An annual membership payable upfront is available and will be offered, the annual charge is not subject to additional financing fees associated with monthly memberships payments

7 Monthly instalments will be due on or around the 1st or 15th

of each calendar month via Direct Debit.

8 Monthly fees are due each calendar month regardless of usage.

9 Memberships can only be cancelled giving 30 days’ notice

to DFC in writing (email) or completing the membership cancellation request form on our website

10 As a member you agree to comply with all gym rules and regulations to the

use of facilities and your conduct. The rules are displayed in the gym.

11 All new members are entitled to an induction which will ensure you are shown how to use the gym equipment safely. If you have

any doubt on how to correctly

operate any equipment, please consult a member of the Gym staff to demonstrate correct technique.

12 All new gym members must complete a ParQ before using any equipment in the gym. A member must also fill out another Par Q if any medical conditions change.

13 We agree that we will use any personal data you give us only in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998.14 ARH Fitness Ltd reserve the right to cancel any memberships with immediate

effect if a member is in breach of these T&C’s or where a member’s conduct is deemed abusive, offensive or otherwise unacceptable



06.00am - 22.00pm





*Opening times subject to change over public holidays - please see times displayed in club or call us


Unit 6 Hopper way




Tel: 01379 652225


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